Child Custody

Can a Father Regain Child Custody?

Father and child enjoying time together

Father’s and Their Children Divorce is stressful. But the pain of seeing your marriage end is nothing in comparison to the impact of losing custody of your children. To have a judge tell you that your kids would be better off living with someone else is truly gut-wrenching. Can a father regain custody of his […]

How to Change a Texas Court Order for Child Access

It’s common knowledge that going through a divorce is both emotionally draining and logistically complex. To go through the process is to make a series of difficult compromises, or to leave your fate in the hands of a judge whose interests may not be aligned with yours. While the financial complexity of divorce is widely […]

The Children’s Bill of Rights in Texas

After a divorce in Texas, one of the court’s top priorities is protecting the well-being of children. The court takes this duty so seriously that it developed the Texas Children’s Bill of Rights. The bill provides clear language about the rights of children who have two homes. The overriding goal: to protect the relationships children […]

Texas Requirements For Full Child Custody

After a divorce in Texas, the court’s preference is to award parents joint custody of their children. The idea is here that giving children access to both their parents is what’s in their best interest. Indeed, in a perfect world, both parents would be equal partners when raising their child. However, we all know this […]

8 Reasons a Mother Would Lose Custody of a Child

There’s a widely held belief in Texas that mothers are always awarded legal custody of their children during a divorce. This may have been the case several years ago when state law reflected an older family framework. Now that the mother isn’t the primary caretaker in all families, the law looks at things differently. The […]

How My Relocation Letter Created Stress

My children and I have been so much happier since my divorce. Still, some things are more complicated. Dealing with my ex-husband and the visitation schedule is frustrating. He doesn’t always respond to my calls. Sometimes, he isn’t home when I arrive to drop off the kids. Other times, he keeps them for too long. […]

Grandparent Child Custody Rights – Don’t Lose these Moments

One of the joys of getting older is becoming a grandparent. You spoil your grandchildren. You play until you’re both worn out. The last thing you’d want is to lose that special bond between you and them. What if their parents were no longer able to take care of them? What would happen to your […]

Shelter-in-Place Provisions Don’t Change Court-Ordered Child Custody Rules

Has Child Custody Changed Since The Shelter-in-Place Orders? In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many people have questions and concerns regarding self-quarantining, court-ordered possession, and access. Does the shelter-in-place order that’s in effect in Tarrant County mean that non-custodial parents can’t see their children? Is it considered a violation of social distancing initiatives […]

Common Custody Hearing Issues

Even though a child custody hearing usually lasts only about 20-30 minutes, it can be the most important half-hour of your life as a parent. Here are some common issues relating to custody hearings. Attending The Custody Hearing Unfortunately, the courts will sometimes schedule a hearing at a time that’s inconvenient for you. You should […]

How to Create An Infant Possession Schedule

Managing your own schedule is hard enough, but accounting for an infant child and your ex can create chaos without the right preparation. An infant presents unique issues that older children do not: What if the child is breastfed? What if the custodial parent co-sleeps with the infant? What if the infant’s nap schedule conflicts […]