Family Law Attorneys of Sabelhaus + Lynch, PLLC

Stephanie Sabelhaus and Sean Lynch met as competitors during an emotionally draining case.

“I was impressed,” Lynch said. “Stephanie fought hard over the course of the trial, and she really knew the law. I wanted to work with her from that point on.” Lynch asked his erstwhile adversary to lunch.

Over tacos at Benito’s Mexican Restaurant in the Near Southside area of Fort Worth Texas, the two passion for legal ethics, a deep understanding of the law, and possessing relentless determination to fight for their clients.

“I’d always admired Sean’s willingness to go the extra mile for his clients,” Sabelhaus said. “He was always tough in court. When we started working together, I began to understand just how much he cares for the well-being of the people he represents.”

The pair decided they would create a different kind of law firm — one rooted in ethics that prioritizes their clients over profitability. In the years to follow, Sabelhaus + Lynch have developed a reputation for taking on cases that few other attorneys will — and seeing cases to trial when many other lawyers would rush to settle.

Fair and transparent pricing are among the core values of their law firm. Sabelhaus + Lynch believe that everyone should be able to afford great representation. 

You’ll know how much you owe before you ever see a bill. That’s just one more way the S+L team will assure you peace of mind and help you navigate a difficult time in your life. Help your family today by calling us at 817-668-5879.

Your Comfort Level

Sean Lynch decided he wanted to practice family law after volunteering as a law student for the Bar Association. For several hours a week, he filed and drafted documents, read over court orders, and advised single mothers in Norman, Oklahoma, where he attended OU. Making a difference in the lives of the people who needed his help the most ingrained in him a profound sense of moral duty.

Family law and criminal matters are naturally emotional. Hiring someone to represent your interests is an important decision that could impact your life for many years to come. You need to trust the person you hire will be honest, communicative, and fair. Learn more about our attorneys by clicking the links below:

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